A young bard, cursed never to settle.

A love of a lifetime.

Good stories and faithful companions ...

THE BRAIDER OF WORDS is a historical fiction series taking you back to an overlooked period of our ancestors. Together with the Bard Arduinna you will wander through a Europe torn between Romans and Celts.

Enjoy the story of a great love, a horrible curse, entertaining tales and gripping adventures.

Dive into the world of the Celts and feel their heartbeat within you!

the seven books and prequel of the German edition

The seven books and the prequel of the German edition -- all of them will be available in English from September 2024 on

When we hear the word "Celts", we first think of Ireland. Yet the origins of Celtic culture are on the European mainland, and the first period considered Celtic is named after a place in Austria: the Hallstatt period.

With her Celtic novels Marion Wiesler tries to resurrect that period. To be precise, the end of that time, the epoch between Caesar's conquest of Gaul in the west and the incorporation of Noricum into the Roman Empire in 15 BC.

Discover the heartbeat of that time within you!

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