Blessed by the gods, cursed by her master, Arduinna the Bard was forced to sacrifice all for her love.

A Celtic historical novel taking you to times where words could be weapons and your only friends a wolfhound and a raven.

A 7-book series appearing in English from September 2024 on.

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Some reviews of the German edition:

  • A strong start. Authentic, visually powerful and very compelling. (lovelybooks)
  • Accompanying Arduinna is clearly addictive. Very brilliantly written, captivating, realistic. (amazon)
  • ... Within the plot the author puts into the mouth of her heroine, a young bard, wonderful wisdom stories, folktales and songs that bring us closer to the world and the worldview of our Celtic ancestors. You get here a historical novel of outstanding quality. It is not only a great read but a history lesson with great depth and feminine power. Those who like history and stories, who are connected to nature and are looking for their roots will find what they are looking for in this series of books. (amazon)
  • Actually, I just wanted to have a quick look... Well, this plan didn't work out, I read this short novel (Moon of Beginnings) about Arduinna in one go. Now I'm looking forward to the first main novel around the bard even more... Very well written, super researched and just really builds a lot of desire to read on. I am already very excited, and look forward to my journey to the Celts. (amazon)

Meet the characters:

Cursed to never stay longer than half a moon in one place, Arduinna has been wandering for nine years.

Even though she and Loic had only one moon together, she still believes in their love.

CĂș is Arduinnas faithful companion and protector, always at her side to help her through dangers.

He is half wolf, half dog and very friendly as long as Arduinna is safe.

Branna is Arduinnas second companion, a smart and cheeky raven who speaks a few words.

She loves everything shiny and is cause for trouble again and again.

Loic is the son of the Sequani leader and had risked a war to be together with Arduinna.

The curse that her master has laid upon her due to it puts his life in danger.

Morfran the Hawk is Arduinnas Maistir, her master, who has his own plans for Arduinna.

He is driven and strict, a powerful Bard, and an enemy not to take lightly.

Tegid of the Isles found Arduinna as a toddler in the forest and became her father and first Maistir.

He was a kind man and great Bard, who sacrificed his life for her.