Books of the series already published in German

When we hear the word "Celts", we first think of Ireland. Yet the origins of Celtic culture are on the European mainland, and the first period considered Celtic is named after a place in Austria: the Hallstatt period.

With her Celtic novels Marion Wiesler tries to resurrect that period. To be precise, the end of that time, the epoch between Caesar's conquest of Gaul in the west and the (supposedly oh so peaceful) incorporation of Noricum into the Roman Empire in 15 BC.

Discover the heartbeat of that time within you!

The rest of the series and the books part of the "World of the Braider of Words" will be published in English after 2023.

ARDUINNAS WORLD (books 1-5):

map of Celtic Europe

Alesia: The present Alise-Sainte-Reine, capital of the Mandubians and scene of the final defeat of Vercingetorix and the Gauls.

Autricum: The present Chartes. One of the main settlements of the Carnutes.

Aventica: Today's Avenches, place of the Helvetii.

Boutae: The present Annecy.

Bragnreica: A fictitious place at the site of today's Deutschlandsberg. Deutschlandsberg used to be called Wiesenbach (meadow-brook) and Bragnreica means bragn: fallow and reica: stream.

Carnunto: The present-day Petronell-Carnuntum.

Cenabum: Today's Orleans. Another important place of the Carnutes, where they gave the impulse to the Great War by killing the Roman merchants settled there.

Cularo: The present Grenoble.

Danubius: The Danube.

Drusi: Later Pons Drusi, today Bolzano.

Dubis: Today Doubs, the river that surrounds Vesontio.

Dubris: Today's Dover.

Gallia Transalpina: Roman province in what is now southern France since 125 BC, then renamed Gallia Narbonensis in 27 BC.

Grannamuro: Fictitious place near Radkersburg/Styria.

Lauriacon: Today's Enns/Upper Austria.

Lugudunum: The present Lyon.

Ovilava: The present Wels/Upper Austria.

Rhenos: The Rhine.

Rome: Today's Rome. I have omitted the Latin Roma, because I go to Roma is wrong and I go to Romam sounds strange ...

Scarbantia: Today's Sopron.

Solva: Flavia Solva, near Leibnitz.

Vesontio: Today's Besançon. Main town of the Sequans. The Golden Hill is now called Roche d'Or.

Vindobona: Today's Vienna, but the/one Celtic settlement was on the Leopoldsberg, a hill in Vienna's outskirts today.

Virunum: The present-day Zollfeld.